Be our Associate

Earn profit and establish your own brand name

As our associate you will get these services from us:

Course material designed to help you teach and run lively, interesting classes and training for your counselor and teachers. In addition to the course material which is video based, you will get a wide range of books, videos and CD refresher courses for your teachers as well as our student progress tracking system.

How to profit from the big boom in English teaching?

English teaching is not new in our country; there was always a demand for learning English. But the present demand is from a new class of students. These students, in the age bracket of 18 to 25, are very career minded. They want job-oriented courses. About ten years ago the majority of our students were from a rural background, the not-so-well educated, housewives and the like. These students are still there and their number is increasing. Nowadays, we also find college students, job seekers, or young people who are employed, but want better jobs. Today, you need to target this new class of students to take full advantage of the English boom. Not many institutes are capable of satisfying the needs of these career-oriented students. That is why demand is exceeding supply.

Franchisee or Associate?

There are arguments, both for and against, which you need to consider before taking a decision. As a franchisee, you manage your institute in the name of the franchisor – a brand name. A brand is a valuable asset. Students go to an institute because of its reputation. An institute with a brand name will be more profitable than its non-branded competitors. You have to work hard to build your own brand. However, it takes a lot of hard work, and investment, over a long time, to offer students the kind of quality training that we give to our students. That is why franchisors take a heavy amount as their franchise fee from you before granting you the license to operate your institute under their name. Also, this amount is non-returnable. Further, you pay a substantial percentage of the fees you collect from your students to the franchisor as royalty every month

However, as our associate, you will display our name, along with your name either together or separately, as shown in the image.


Why are we running the Associate Program without any direct benefit to us?

We are doing so because we are social entrepreneurs. In Bangalore, we run our own social enterprise for the less fortunate and low income group people. Now, if our associates who are located all over the country also lend a helping hand by doing social business, it will create a much larger impact on the community. Our associates do not need to spend any money out of their pockets. But, they need to acquire, besides business skills, the skills of change making. We are change makers.