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If your child cannot speak English fluently and correctly, in good accent, he or she may have to suffer later on in life. The English your child learns in school may not be enough to communicate properly. Sometimes, your child may require additional help in English to gain an edge in communication skills apart from what he or she learns in school. Your child could also need additional assistance for ICSE, CBSE and SSLC English syllabi respectively.

Your child could also benefit from learning foreign languages like French or German. Learning a new language can provide a gateway of opportunities for your child in the future

Another important area of a child’s growth is the development of Social Skills. When a child learns social skills at a young age, not only does it contribute to a healthy growth, but also makes it easy for him or her to interact with others in the future.


Social Skills Classes for Children

Is your child shy and timid when meeting and speaking to other people, but defiant at home? Maybe your child lacks social skills.

Your child needs social skills to succeed in life.

Social Skills are the skills we need to deal with others and do things in a group. Children use these skills for making friends and fitting-in.

A child who has social skills takes responsibility for his actions. He can assert himself when needed, has self-restraint and interacts with others calmly and respectfully.

Children learn the skills at home, in the neighborhood and at school. We tell them all the right things. But children do what we do. They observe how we interact with other family members and others.

Sometimes parents are not good role models. There may not be good role models in schools too. Many people do not consider the skills important for future success.


What do kids really learn in top schools?

Most parents want to put their children in top-rated schools, such as, international schools. But they are not able to do that for many practical difficulties. What do these schools teach? The simple answer is – social skills

Schools which focus on all-round education involve their students in lots of activities. They organize outings, social events, games, storytelling and so on. In a variety of ways, kids get a hands-on experience in developing their social skills.

Even if your child is not in a school like that, you can give him or her the benefits of an education of a top-rated school. Please come to us for a discussion. The duration and timings of these classes can be customized as per your child’s requirements.


Foreign Languages Classes for Children

Learning a foreign language like French or German, can provide your child a great advantage later in life. Today we have levels of global trade, tourism, immigration and education overseas, more than ever. Your child can study, work and live abroad if he or she knows the language of the country. There are also several volunteering jobs available abroad, which your child may become interested in, later on. Learning a foreign language at a young age is far more beneficial than learning it at a later age. Language learning abilities are highest for a human being at a young age. Give your child that advantage

The duration and timings of these classes can be customized as per your child’s requirements..