Summer Camp for Children

Summer Camp for Children

He speaks English fluently

He speaks French

He tops the class every year

A confident child – The most popular at school

It is never too late; your child too can be like him

If your child cannot speak English fluently and in neutral accent, he or she may have to struggle in this competitive world later on in life. Additionally, if your child learns a foreign language like French, German or Spanish, they will surely have a cutting edge over other children and there will be many opportunities that will open up for them in the future. We will provide each student with a valid certificate after completion of any foreign language course with us.

Are you dealing with a difficult child?

Is your child shy and timid while meeting and speaking to other people but defiant at home? Is he/she low on confidence? May be your child lacks Social Skills.


Why Learn Foreign Languages

Learn a foreign language. If you have an aptitude for languages then it may be the opening you need for a bright future. With globalization, different cultures and economies around the world are becoming connected. Many schools and colleges have added foreign languages in their curriculum as many foreign companies are coming to India, and many Indian companies are moving abroad. Today you can work for a company located in Europe, Japan, Korea or Brazil, without moving out of Bangalore. As the economy develops and communications improve, India will continue to globalize. If you are good at a foreign language, then there are far more opportunities now for you than there were ten years ago.

What do children really learn at reputed schools?

Most parents want to admit their children in International schools, but sometimes they are not able to do so for many practical difficulties. What do these schools teach that other schools do not?

The simple answer to that are Social Skills!

Good schools involve their children in lots of fun based activities together with making children improve on other mandatory skills. In a variety of ways, children get hands-on experience in developing their Social Skills. Even if your child is not studying in such a school, you could give them the exact benefits here at Eloquence Communication.

Fun Activities

As we do not want this course to be another boring learning experience, our team has chalked-out a lot of fun with learning activities like the Memory Game with vocabulary, Fun with Math, Story-telling, Presentations, Dance, Skits, Arts & Crafts, Drawing & Painting, Creative Writing, Question and Answer sessions, Describe yourself with fancy Adjectives, Fun Accent and Pronunciation classes and a lot more in store!

Computer Skills

Kids nowadays use electronic gadgets such as tablets, laptops and desktops for daily tasks and activities. Computer training in a play-way method motivates children to master and familiarize computer skills. Knowing how to use a computer has become the order of the day because children often get online to download e-books and research academic content. Tools like Facebook, Instagram, emails, instant message can show kids additional ways to connect with friends and family. To be Tech Savvy is the need of the hour off late and exposure to computer is very crucial.

We at Eloquence Communication offer training on Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Internet Browsing, Creation of Email IDs, Sending and Receiving mails and a lot more.


Learn and Play at the same time! Come join our fun-filled courses with super enthusiastic trainers who will keep you involved and engrossed throughout the sessions!

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