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Do You Make These Mistakes in English?

It is common to hear “Roy is very much sorry”, instead of “Roy is sorry”. Some people say “I got an employment in a reputed company” or “I want to know as to why I have been fired”. They should say “I got employed into a reputed company” and “I want to know why I have been fired”. Still others confuse ‘stationery’ with ‘stationary’. ‘Stationery’ refers to writing materials and office supplies, as in ‘a stationery shop’. ‘Stationary’ means not moving as in ‘a stationary train’. Many people do not know how to spell common words like separate or agreeable. Many people mispronounce ‘heir’ (pronounced as ‘air’) or ‘honest’ (the ‘h’ is silent). Few know the correct use of comma: they write “David, who is short, and brown-haired was waiting for me”, where commas are misplaced. Another common mistake is “Neil and me went for a movie”, when it should be “Neil and I went for a movie.”


Learn to correct your mistakes in English

There are so many reasons for making mistakes. One of the biggest factors is that when we are non-native speakers of English, the chances of making mistakes are higher. Another factor is the MTI, (Mother Tongue Influence). We also make mistakes if we were not exposed to English in our growing up years.

To err is human, to admit super human! All you need to do is spend just under 5 minutes every day to improve your English. The first step towards improvement is to identify the mistakes that you may be making too. Just read the mistakes that we post here and see whether you make them too. Some mistakes may be common, some not so common; some simple, some others complex; and some made all over the world. If you do, you will learn how to correct it immediately. If you don’t, you have probably learnt a new mistake that you shouldn’t make, or you know already that it’s a mistake! Remember, small steps always take you a long way in the world of learning

Need more help to correct your mistakes?

If you need more help from experts to correct your mistakes, don’t worry, we are there! At Eloquence Communication, we can help you identify and correct your mistakes in spoken and written English.