Sometimes it is necessary to speak like the Native English speakers in certain jobs. Employees working in call centres, BPOs and various other offices of American companies need to speak English in the American accent

Likewise, there is also a need for many employees to speak English in the British Accent. There are several accents, however the most common accent training requirements are to learn the American accent or the US accent and the British accent or the UK accent.

Accent Training Program for Individuals

Eloquence Communication’s Accent Training Program is designed to help acquire the American or British Accent, for adapting to various jobs in the customer service sector.

Accent Training Program for Corporate Sector

At Eloquence Communication, we have comprehensive Accent Training packages to train employees for US and UK accents respectively.

The training programs are flexible and can be modified as per the needs of the organisation. They can be included into a complete corporate training package or can even be taken as a separate training program if the employees require just accent training.


Accent Training Program for Educational Institutions

At the final year of education, most students might feel the need to acquire various job-related skills. Accent Training is one of them. Eloquence Communication’s Accent Training Program can be customised for educational institutions to suit their requirements.