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Who We Are

Once you are our Associate, you get all the advantages of a brand name, but without any of the disadvantages of the franchise model. Follow our simple business model – make money while making meaning. You start and run a successful, profitable business, and also generate meaningful social good. When you join us, we put you in touch with others. What one associate learns by overcoming the initial difficulties, he shares with others. Everyone experiments and contributes to the development of our courses and other services. All this will be available to you once you become our associate. When you start your center, you will face problems you did not anticipate. All of us — we, and the other associates, will give you a helping hand. We will all prosper by collaborating with each other.

What We Do

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The services and materials that you will get from us are

Our course material is designed to help a teacher to run interactive classes. Most inexperienced teachers try to run classes based on a few books. Their classes become monotonous and boring chalk and talk classes. There are no activities in their classes. There is no student involvement – students are passive listeners. This is not how reputation is made. Now, our course material is built around activities. After some training, when your teacher learns how to do it, she can run a very interesting class where students take an active part in their own training. It is highly motivating for both the teacher and the student. The material is available online.

Books, CDs, Videos

All our books are written by our teachers as workbooks to supplement classroom training. Over the years, a large number of books have been prepared and published by our sister organization, Book Direct. All these books are priced very reasonably, so, students are happy to get quality books at a reasonable cost. You get these books at a steep discount, so, books can be a good second income for you. CDs are part of the books to improve listening skills of the student.

Teacher Training

Your teachers and counselors need training to function effectively. Our experienced teachers will conduct initial training for your staff. If it is possible for your people to come to Bangalore, this training can be conducted here. If it is not practical for them to come to Bangalore, then the training will be conducted online.

Online Training

You may find it difficult to arrange for a good trainer for a specialized subject. For instance, you may not find it easy to get a trainer for IELTS or Business English. Or, you may get students for a foreign language like French, German, Japanese etc., for which good teachers are not easy to find. It is true that students prefer face-to-face training, but when it is not practical for either the student or the teacher, the best option is online training. Even in big metropolitan cities, where teachers of all subjects are available, some students can study only at odd hours. For all such students online training is a very practical solution to a big problem. And again, online training can be an additional source of income for you.

Student Progress Tracking System

This system, developed by us exclusively for our own students, measures the progress made by a student on a particular topic during the course of training. As both the teacher and the student know what improvement has been achieved at regular intervals, necessary corrective measures can be taken during the training period. Further, when good progress is made, the student becomes motivated to do better. The teacher also gets a lot of satisfaction. The system is completely IT based. After you key in the required data, it will be processed by the head office staff and you will get back the results immediately. The system, when implemented properly, increases student satisfaction enormously. It will also help to you monitor how training is being carried out at your center.