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Learn to speak good English for better career prospects

The Career English Course at Eloquence Communication is perfect for you if you want to speak good English for better career prospects. If you want to learn to speak excellent and fluent English for professional growth, this is the course for you. The Career English Course helps you to develop the best communication skills in English.

  • Batches are Available from 6:00 AM till 10:00 PM.
  • Weekdays Classes from Monday to Friday.
  • The duration of the Written English Course can be customised based on the learning abilities of each student.
  • Duration of the course: Around 40 hours.

The teaching method at Eloquence Communication is activity-oriented. It involves picture-reading to help in expressing and listening activities to improve listening and comprehension skills in English. The biggest challenge here is to overcome the influence of the mother tongue on English and improve the overall confidence of speaking in English. The trainers formulate unique methods to overcome the challenge. Emphasis is on helping the student to read, learn, understand and speak in English with quite confidently.

  • You need to master your communication skills in English
  • You need confidence in public speaking
  • You want to speak in English confidently on the stage
  • You want to master presentation skills in English
  • You need confidence to participate in group discussions in English
  • You want to improve and neutralise your accent in spoken English
  • You want to perfect your pronunciation in English
  • You want to improve your vocabulary in English
  • You want to improve your written skills in English
  • You want to improve Email writing skills
  • You need advice on overall grooming skills for presentations
  • You need training on various soft skills
  • You need training on overall social skills and etiquette
  • Preparing excellent presentations in English
  • Email writing skills
  • Email writing etiquette
  • Accent training and neutralisation in English
  • Correct pronunciations of words in English
  • Descriptive writing in English on any topic or situation
  • Improving vocabulary in English
  • Participation in group discussions in English
  • To read in English confidently with correct timing
  • To speak in English confidently in front of an audience
  • Extensive training on soft skills
  • Grooming skills and advice on appropriate dress code and etiquette
  • You will have good presentation skills
  • You will be able to write in English required for your career
  • You will have improved vocabulary in English
  • You will be able to write Emails in English in the correct format
  • You will have good written and spoken English skills
  • You will become confident in public speaking in English
  • You will be able to take active part in group discussions in English
  • You will be trained on appropriate grooming tips and overall etiquette

Mohammed Humair

Excellent course!

A great place to improve our communication skills....... and with a good faculty... I suggest people to go there and learn communication of interacting people..... I was very weak In communication so I had a course there and I really appreciate the people for giving me skills...... thankyou



Excellent course!

Excellent teaching techniques used. I enrolled myself into Advanced and Business English and the trainers were well experienced. It was a combination of activities, video sessions, speaking and writing training. I was very satisfied with what was offered and will surely recommend my friends to Eloquence Communication