Online Learning – How it’s done

If you have a computer, you can learn from home, or a cyber-cafe near your home. We send you the course material through courier when you register with us. The lessons are based on the course material, so, you bring the course material to your online class. Your teacher will conduct the class in an online classroom, which is like a normal classroom. The teacher will talk to you, ask you questions, correct your answers. You can also put questions to your teacher. You can see the teacher, other students, and they can also see you. There is a whiteboard, just like a blackboard, on which the teacher may write or draw. In this online classroom you can do everything you do in a regular classroom, so, it is called a virtual classroom.

Online learning Vs Classroom learning – Which is better?

We conduct both online and classroom training. So, we can tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of both the training methods. The most important advantage of classroom training is that you can see your teacher in flesh and blood – a real person. This is how we have learnt in our childhood; we are familiar with this method. So many of our students feel more comfortable learning in a classroom. The biggest advantage of online training is that you save on time. Another big advantage is that you can learn from the best teachers. If you live in a big city, then your travel time to a study center can be more than an hour. If you live in a small place, then a good teacher may not be available. In addition, there are other practical advantages. In online training, the teacher uses a lot of graphics – pictures and drawings in full colour. The use of graphics is very helpful in explaining difficult-to-understand concepts. Also, in an online classroom, not only does the teacher write on the whiteboard, you can also write on it. Finally, if you miss a class, then nothing much can be done in a regular class. But in an online class, you can go through the recorded sessions, which can be repeated any number of times. Because of its many practical advantages online training or E-learning has become quite popular in western countries. It is spreading quite fast globally.