Why be a Eloquence Communication Franchisee?

It is easy to set up an English training institute with us as your partner. You provide a classroom, and at least one computer. We take care of all the other hassles. There is now a huge demand for learning English. Everywhere you find “Spoken English” institutes, even in remote small towns. One of our business associates opened a branch in Imphal, a city in northeastern India. Even in that remote small city we counted about a dozen of such institutes. “No English-No Success” is what everyone thinks these days

How to profit from the big boom in English teaching?

English teaching is not new in our country; there was always a demand for learning English. But the present demand is from a new class of students. These students, in the age bracket of 18 to 25, are very career minded. They want job-oriented courses. About ten years ago the majority of our students were from a rural background, the not-so-well educated, housewives and the like. These students are still there and their number is increasing. Nowadays, we also find college students, job seekers, or young people who are employed, but want better jobs. Today, you need to target this new class of students to take full advantage of the English boom. Not many institutes are capable of satisfying the needs of these career-oriented students. That is why demand is exceeding supply.


Why Eloquence Communication is the right partner for you?

Eloquence Communication specializes in career-oriented courses. Our students come to us so that they can get better jobs. Our head office is in Bangalore. We have many branches in this city, in fact we are the largest language institute here. People come to Bangalore in lakhs from every part of India. They come here either to get admission to a college, or to get a well-paid job. Many of them join our English classes- more than 2000 students enroll every month at our various branches in Bangalore. We had to develop career-oriented courses to meet the needs of these students. There are software companies; BPOs and other companies in Bangalore who recruit people not in hundreds, but in thousands every year. We run training programs for many such companies. To give you one example of the kind of work we do, let us tell you about the professional job we did for MindTree Consulting. It is a well-known software company with offices in India, the US and other countries. They had just recruited a batch of 600 engineers. Our job was to test their communication skills, train and bring them up to standard- within the shortest possible time. It was not an easy job; we had to work under a lot of time pressure. But this kind of work brings many benefits to us. For example, we know what is needed to meet the requirements of companies like MindTree Consulting.

A Business Associate

If you work with us as a business associate, it benefits both of us. We could tell you many advantages of working with us. Here we just want to make one point clear: you will be able to grow your training business fast, and very profitably, too.