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What we do as a social business

A social business has two goals- To create social value and to earn revenue. Because it operates as a business, a social enterprise does things that make money, as we do, by selling our training service. The money earned from business activities is used to fund social-impact projects. What makes a social business different from other enterprises is that it places a firm emphasis on tackling social problems. This positive impact on the community is as important to it as any financial objective. Our social-impact project is primarily about teaching English to beginners and first generation learners.


In our view, there are two ways a poor family can break out from the poverty trap: get some education or get some capital. For most people there is no choice –it is only education.

In this context, education means basic English and basic computers. English, we think, comes first.

Families in India work hard to give their children a chance to escape poverty through education. You can see this happening in the remote villages in the high Himalayas and in the urban slums of metropolitan cities like Chennai or Bangalore.

Studying in private schools is expensive- they are poor people, struggling to make ends meet. Government runs schools are free, but most of them need help in teaching English to the students.

We have devised innovative ways of teaching English to first generation learners. One of them is storytelling. In all societies, in all cultures, much before schools existed, or even the invention of writing happened, there was storytelling. That was our ancients’ way of teaching values, life skills and almost anything. Through storytelling we can make English classes interesting and get them to learn English in a natural and instinctive manner.

We also have methods of teaching English without focusing too much on grammar. Our goal is to help make English learning easy, especially for first generation learners and beginners. We teach them commonly used expressions and phrases by native English speakers and how to incorporate them into their spoken and written English. We also educate them with interesting everyday tips to improve English even when they are not in school. The idea is to slowly get them to improve and master their communicative skills in English.

We also train teachers for innovative teaching methods which are designed especially for teaching beginners and children with little or no exposure to English in their homes. We collaborate with schools and help them in imparting this sort of education to children, who are the future of this society. Our associates are located all over India. Individually, we are incapable of accomplishing anything very big. Working together, we can reach our goal.