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Enhanced communication skills in English can result to not only an improved social life, but also better job opportunities in the future. From job interviews to the actual professional world, communication skills are very crucial, and being proficient in English means being able to communicate clearly and effectively. In job interviews, most interviewers conduct interviews in English. Interviewers quickly make judgments and give great importance to first impressions. Poor skills in the language can mean smaller chances of landing a job. If you visit offices, companies, government organizations, or even math and engineering companies, you will understand the importance of English. Any established company will hire their professional staff after getting to know whether the people they are hiring are good at English or not. Companies that want to function at an international level consider their staff well educated if they are good English speakers, writers and readers.

As it was rightly quoted, “Language is the dress of thought”


Join our Spoken English Classes in Bangalore to get your dream job with our internationally designed courses that give you the skills for success. The Spoken English Course at Eloquence Communication is perfect for you if you want to speak confidently in English, which will help you grab a job in MNCs. Our training methodology is creative and innovative which involves a lot of activity based exercises. We have video sessions that will help students get accustomed to various accents of the world. Our trainers are patient, approachable, and lively and believe in result-driven training sessions. Each trainer comes with at least 8 plus years of training experience.

If you wish to understand how to improve in spoken English, fill out the Quick Enquiry form and we will contact you with Course details, Class timings and Fee structure.

  • Batches are available from 7:00 AM till 9:00 PM.
  • Everyday Classes from Monday to Friday.
  • Weekend Classes are available for working professionals and students.
  • Online Coaching available from 7:00AM until midnight. We train a lot of international students all over the world; hence the Online Coaching timings are flexible.
  • Duration of the course: Approximately between 30 to 40 hours.
  • The total duration of a Course can be customized based on the learning abilities of each student

The teaching method at Eloquence Communication is activity-oriented. It involves picture-reading to help in expressing and listening activities to improve listening and comprehension skills in English. The biggest challenge here is to overcome the influence of the mother tongue on English and improve the overall confidence of speaking in English. The trainers formulate unique methods to overcome the challenge. Emphasis is on helping the student to read, learn, understand and speak in English with quite confidently.

  • You have little or no knowledge of English at all
  • You have been educated in a non-English medium school/college and want to learn Communicative English
  • You have basic knowledge of English and want to up skill yourself to Intermediate and Advance levels
  • You want to understand and respond in English well
  • You mumble and would like to put your thoughts into words more easily
  • You think your vocabulary is not strong enough, hence it affects your daily expressions in English
  • You would like to be able to speak in a more formal and polite tone
  • You are not confident on how to read and write English well
  • You want to speak English more confidently and without any hesitation
  • You want to be trained on delivering successful presentations
  • You think you do not write business emails well
  • You would like to face job interviews with ease and confidence
  • You would like to groom yourself in a more professional manner to make successful first impressions
  • You would like to be trained on positive body language
  • Speak and understand English easily
  • Put your thoughts into words effortlessly
  • Understand interview process and be confident to face interviews
  • Ask for opinions and either agree or disagree politely
  • Discuss various personal and ethical problems and solutions
  • Attain a higher level of fluency
  • Project active body language
  • Possess active listening and interactive skills
  • Additionally, we monitor every student’s progress personally by administering tests on a timely basis. We will hand over reports of participants as and when required. We conduct a lot of mock/dummy interviews and presentations, after which relevant feedback is provided to the student if required. Our training is on the whole extremely interactive and activity based so as to make it a fun learning experience.




Mohammed Humair

Excellent course!

A great place to improve our communication skills....... and with a good faculty... I suggest people to go there and learn communication of interacting people..... I was very weak In communication so I had a course there and I really appreciate the people for giving me skills...... thankyou



Excellent course!

Excellent teaching techniques used. I enrolled myself into Advanced and Business English and the trainers were well experienced. It was a combination of activities, video sessions, speaking and writing training. I was very satisfied with what was offered and will surely recommend my friends to Eloquence Communication